Arranged Marriage: CNN Examines The Age-Old Practice In India (VIDEO)

Is arranged marriage a stifling, previous practice or is it only a extra family-orientated way of finding love?

On Wednesday, CNN tested the professionals and cons of arranged marriages, which, in line speed dating 推介 with UNICEF, make up 90 percent of marriages in India.

Proponents of organized marriage say that there are many blessings to the practice. Often, couples who have their marriages organized by way of their families have comparable non secular, monetary and social backgrounds, which research has proven are essential elements in lasting relationships.

Although many nonetheless see the age-antique exercise as “forced” marriage, a few contemporary Indian couples are talking out against the stigma surrounding the culture, even announcing that romance surely lasts longer in arranged marriages than in “love” marriages.

CNN reporter Sumnima Udas spoke to married couple Priyanka and Aditya Anand, who met most effective twice earlier than they agreed to be wed in an arranged marriage. Priyanka, an MBA student, instructed CNN that she grew up understanding that she needed to be open to the concept of arranged marriage. “It takes place in our culture,” she said. “It works out.”

According to a recent survey, sixty five percentage of Indian students believed the very last decision on marriage ought to still be made by means of their mother and father. “Today, parents do come up with an option to meet the man or woman to see in case you do get along side them. It’s not pressured anymore,” said Priyanka.

But it truly is not the case for all marriages. CNN also talked to child bride Meena who was pressured to marry at the age of 14, in opposition to her needs. Meena’s marriage quick became a nightmare — together with her husband and in-laws beating her often.